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Nintendo – The Demise

Well, having served gallantly and fearlessly, the Nintendo did finally succumb.  I could not get the thing back together.  So on a crisp autumn day, Nintendo was carried to its next to final resting spot in our trash bin. On a positive note, it no longer is gathering dust in my attic!

Here is the final tribute collage I created with some of the photos I took.  There are also pictures I drew (can you tell which? LOL) and some of the pictures were altered in Paint Shop Pro.  nintendo-composite-3-a.jpg

I couldn’t figure out how to do the collage in Paint Shop so I moved the pictures into Corel Draw and made the collage.  Then I took a picture of it and reloaded that back into Paint Shop and cropped and resized for the blog.

Learning new software programs takes an awful lot of time, but eventually, I expect to be able to do this in a faster method.

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