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Module 7

This module has been all about printing and creating original stamps from my own photos and art work as well as using fonts.  activity-2a.jpg

Using this photo that I took in Chicago last fall, I did a line drawing that I then transferred to a  piece of speedball rubber and carved


into a stamp. I cut the stamp into four quadrants that I then reshaped by trimming. At left is  one activity-3-ntf.jpgof the prints I made using the stamp.

I explored this further by creating a print with acrylic paints and then extending the lines with pencil.            

 For the next exercise, I used the letter Q and created a stencil with which to print designs.

activity-5.jpgThe background was created using oil pastels and then an over wash of water color. The stenciled letter was made with oil pastels.

The one problem I have found with the oil pastels is that they never seem to dry. They remain tacky almost forever and need a sheet of waxed paper over them to protect the page next to them.

My favorite for this exercise is this print.  The background was created with a water color wash and the print was made using the oil pastels again.   

activity5-a.jpg  I didn’t use oil pastels in the background, but let the water colors create the background.    The paper was also smoother in texture since it wasn’t water color paper, so the look and feel (literally) is ver different.

I am surprised at how the actual physical texture of the paper impacts me. I know that I am a very tactile person, and this is true even when I am working with paints. A good thing to know about myself.

I returned to a drawing and photo from a previous step for the next exercise. It is my pears.    There is nothing of special interest about my particular pear except that I like it.   So I drew it onto some styrofoam and created a stamp with it.

  copy-of-module-7-activity-3.jpg                                                          activity-3a.jpgThe shape is relatively easy to draw. So using acrylic paints again, I created a strips of pears that traverse two pages of my sketchbook.

                    activity-3c-ntf.jpg       activity-3c-ntf.jpgAs the exercises become more complicated, I am enjoying them more. They are more interesting and challenging. And I am always up for a challenge.

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