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Module 8

My spastic blog entries might make it seem like I’m out there doing nothing, but it’s just the opposite. I have been so busy I don’t have tons of free time for blogging. I love the written word,  but I love the tactile nature of my work more and the ideas are backlogging in my brain!!!

Module 8 is really pulling together everything that I have learned thus far about sketchbooking. The last two modules are assessments. So I am almost there! Yeah!

 I have really pulled out the stops on this one. I have been so energized and inspired! Maybe it’s the advent of Spring. Whatever the reason, I am on a creative whirlwind binge.

This module has dealt with apertures. Lots and lots of apertures. Looking through pages to reveal the designs underneath and looking back to see where you have been. A great concept.

Of all the work I have done so far for this module, my pears and my waterlilies have been my favorites.

module-8-activity-3j.jpgI used my pear image from  previous modules. I liked the carving my own stamps so much that I carved another of the pears and then found a poem by Linda Pastan about pears.

I painted and stamped and wrote the poem along the apertures and pages so that the images and poetry would unfold as the pages open.

      I have since located several books of poetry by Linda Pastan and just love her work. She is truly a woman’s poet.     

  module-8-activity-3p.jpg  module-8-activity-3o.jpg                                       These are two views of the final design. I have painted, cut and glued so that the image and poem actually become dimensional as they are revealed.  

   The poem is written so that it can be read from start to finish or read in parts but out of order. It is so well contructed that you can read it out of order and it still makes sense.     I do need to contact Ms. Pastan and get her permission to continue to develop this idea while using her work.                                                                                                                                                   

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  1. Francis King Says:

    Hello Diane
    I am investigaing Art Deco design and design in general and apreciate the work you have presented. The form I am looking into is how Vintage radio and furniture of the 30s impliment the Golden Mean ratio in their asthetic. I am working on a cabinet and wish ti impliment the design to create this look while maintaining the size/shape. Comments

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