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Monday, March 17th, 2008

A friend emailed to let me know that I won a second place ribbon at Woodlawn. Yeah!!!! I Woodlawnam thrilled. Sometimes the prize is  attainable. It’s not why I do the work, but it sure is a nice compliment and encouragement.

 This is the set that won the ribbon.    



Wednesday, March 5th, 2008

I think I may get addicted to this blogging thing. It’s what got me to have a website created. I first started on Blogspot which got me thinking that I really needed to do a web page.

Then I lost my password to blogspot (not an unusual occurrence for me) and I had this blog to use. Now I have found my password and will continue both blogs. There may be large time gaps in my entries, but such is my life: there’s lots going on, I just don’t have time to sit a write at leisure. My grandson is the love of my life (don’t tell my husband) and he keeps Grandma very busy at least two days a week. I wouldn’t  miss that time with him for all the world.

If I can figure out how to do it, I will add a link to my other blog here and vice versa. In the meantime, if you just have to read some more of my ramblings go to: www.handiwomen.blogspot.com

The Jury Process

Wednesday, March 5th, 2008

I truly love to walk into a large exhibition space and see my piece hanging in the midst of all that wonderful art. What a thrill! It is the same feeling regardless of the venue or type of exhibition, but it is especially rewarding to know that the work was chosen out of many entries by a jury. It’s a boost that validates my expenditure of time and energy.

I don’t know about other artists, but there are times when I really have doubts about what I am doing. I wonder whether it’s worth the effort or not. I will read about an opportunity to exhibit and think that my work just isn’t good enough. Then I’ll jury into a show which is great. And when I walk into that room and see my piece, I always think, “Wow, I like it.” I fall in love with the work all over again. More than anything else, that is what keeps me going back to the jurying process: the falling in love with my own work.

The process itself is beyond masochistic. It is brutal to be rejected. I know that it is not necessarily that the work is bad (although, if I am honest, sometimes it is). Sometimes it is that the work is not the right color, or the juror is looking for a specific theme that the piece doesn’t match, or the juror just doesn’t get it, whatever. The reason doesn’t really matter. The pain is still the same.

Fortunately, I jury in often enough that my ego isn’t totally crushed, because no matter how hard I try to remember that the rejection isn’t personal, I still feel bruised after getting a rejection notice.

Here are two pieces I am waiting to hear about. I sure do hope I get to see them hanging in exhibition.




Wednesday, March 5th, 2008

I think the reason that I am an artist is color.  I love color. All color. My favorite color is red. But then sometimes it is blue or yellow or green or…. I just love color.

I remember falling in love with color in the second grade. We were given a worksheet with different shapes on it. We had to color the shapes in such a way as to demonstrate an analogous gradation. I chose yellow through orange to red.

I can see that sheet as though it were yesterday. Little did I know how much paperwork would be involved in being an artist.

Until very recently, I had an image of myself holed up in my studio happily sketching, painting, stitching, glueing, burning, cutting and twisting my chosen media into gorgeous pieces of art.

I had no illusions that anyone would even like what I do.  I am often still surprised that anyone does like it, and some people even like it enough to buy some of it. Now that is a daily source of amazement to me.

Some of what I do is lovely; some of it is weird; some of it is just blah! All of it is satisfying at some level. Satisfying to me, in such a way that I actually feel a sense of completeness when I have managed to scrape together a few hours to actually create something or work on designing something.

My illusions have been shattered now that I have pursued my love of color to its logical expression. What is the point of any artistic endeavor if no one but the artist sees it? Art is supposed to be shared. It is supposed to enhance life. It is a method of communication.

In the effort to share my work I have found that there is an incredible amount of paperwork. And I include time working on my website and this blog in paperwork.

Entering exhibits, trying to jury into exhibits, keeping track of inventory, purchasing supplies, writing classes, writing proposals, keeping my blog and upkeeping my website. It all takes a crazy amount of time, but it is a necessary part of the process.

Well, enough griping! I have a website to update, more blog to write, and maybe I will even get to stitch some today.

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