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New Necklaces and Earrings for the Artisans Center

Sunday, November 11th, 2007

I have been working all week to get enough jewelry together to replenish my now depleted stock at the Artisans Center.  And today I got my photos done and up in my Jewelry gallery on my website. 

I am currently only represented by the Artisans Center of Virginia, Waynesboro, VA.  I have so much going on that I just don’t have time to supply more than one gallery.  As my work becomes more complex for teaching, I have to create simpler less expensive designs for sale in the center. I try to keep those prices more reasonable for faster turnover.

Whether complex or simple, I love every piece I make.  That way if it doesn’t sell, I can always incorporate it into my own collection.  As of now, that hasn’t happened.  If I want a piece of jewelry, I have to make it for myself separate from what I do for galleries. Most everything I make sells eventually. 

Because I have started to use a lot of 24 kt gold and vermeil, even the simpler pieces are more expensive. I try to keep the costs down as much as possible but expensive components create expensive jewelry.

Here are some of the new pieces I put into the gallery:


 This one on the left is Gemstone Fan.  A real favorite.  I have been working in gold so much that the change to blues and purples was such a relief.  I wish I could keep this one.  goldenstrand.jpgOn the right is Golden Strand.  It is much simpler and more along the lines of classic.

This last one isn’t on my site yet.  It is a donation for the Artisan Center’s fund raiser in January. This is also a favorite. It is done with Sterling Silver and Lampwork beads. Also a nice change of pace.lavendarhaze.jpg

Champagne and Diamonds pendant

Saturday, October 13th, 2007

champagne-and-diamonds-a.jpgThe Champagne and Diamonds series continues to evolve and grow.  I have more ideas than time to get everything made.  This single drop pendant is one of my favorites.  I was able to use Peyote stitch, Ndbele, and Netting. 

 The Swarovski Rivoli’s continue to amaze me, and I have had a great response to them. Champagne and Diamonds pendant I will be making several donation pieces using them.  I know they will be a hit! 

Several members of my EGA chapter have asked me to teach this technique, so I am also in the process of developing a class. 

Now I just have to begin working on a bracelet.  I have the earrings done, at least one variation. 

When I think how bored I used to get doing the same thing over again, I have to laugh!

Thank you, JA, for pushing me to be more and better.

The Birth of a Collection

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

One common piece of advice to artists that floats to the surface periodically is “work in series”. I haven’t really done that till now. In testing new techniques and products, I haven’t ever developed a cohesive grouping either of quilts or pieces of jewelry.  Too repetitious!

Times do change, and I have honed in on what I love to do.  So a series is born. 

I have begun to develop a collection called Champagne and Diamonds.  This is a photo of the prototype on which all the pieces in the collection will be based.Champagne and Diamons prototype  Click on the photo and you will see a larger image.

Rivolis are the hot item in the beading world. Swarovski makes a wide variety of colors and a more limited number of sizes.  They are crystals which are domed front and back.  They are similar to cabochons because they do not have holes for stringing.  They must be either glued to a base or encased in beadwork.

I took some with me to the EGA seminar in Chicago and began to work with them.  The particular peyote encasement that I have used is one that I learned many years ago from a friend in my hometown beading group.  At the time, I was gluing my cabochons to ultrasuede and didn’t see the need for this technique.  I took the class anyway and filed it away in my memory banks. And now I am glad I did. 

After encasing the Rivolis, I netted around them and then attached them to each other and made a strap with a toggle clasp.  It was so beautiful that I have been continuing with it and have ideas for many, many pieces of jewelry.  I hope to have some show up in my jewelry gallery (with better photos) in time for Christmas.

I have used 24 and 22 kt gold plated beads.  The are beyond expensive but the look they give is well worth it.

pendantYesterday I made this component.  I need to have a fancy line of jewelry ready for a gallery that represents me.  The pieces are due on Monday.  I won’t have large necklaces, but I should be able to get some necklaces and earrings done using this pendant. I hung it on the gold chain shown here.  It looks wonderful.

chainHowever, I don’t want to part with my chain.  I also think that the piece would look better if the necklace is hung on a beaded chain.  It took a while but I did finally decide on a chain style.  I have included a picture of the metal chain and the beaded chain side by side.  chain and beads togetherThey are not exact but I think the beaded chain feels like the gold chain.  Although it is a bit larger, it still works with the pendant.  When it is finished, I will add that photo also.

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